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Patio enclosure kits are often used to transform your outdoor patio into a covered environment that offers you added benefits, such as the simplicity of having an ability to block the rain & snow, keep the insects out, and stop the windblown leaves from invading your patio. The next time, don’t just renovate your home, instead rejuvenate your life with a patio enclosure that flexible in design and simple to install.
Before you settle on just any type of screen enclosure, you need to have the right knowledge and expectations for building patio screen enclosure kits and ensure it’s a good fit for your specific build. Our systems are designed for an existing patio cover that only requires the screen walls. You can order a simple ready to ship kit, or have us design a custom kit for your needs. Custom kits are very affordable and are designed to fit within your existing patio cover openings. We carry extrusions in 8ft.,10ft., 12ft., and some 24ft. lengths. We also offer in-swing, or out-swing 3068 screen doors, single and double doors in basic to custom size and styles.
Have a balcony or ground floor accommodation that needs to be screened in? We offer screen rail systems which integrate railing and screen walls together, these kits are code compliant for use on residential, commercial, and multi-story applications.
Make sure you contact the right company and team up with knowledgeable people about your build. Aluminum Patio enclosure kits are delivered to your doorstep with easy to follow instructions and we can also provide a basic component layout for your particular build.

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